CPO Meeting Update

Good news

Today I had my 3rd meeting with the CILA labs Chief Product Officer. We discussed a few things but the main subject we spoke about was market adoption. He is completely on board with having Mass Address as a company CILA can partner with. He does not see the technology as an issue to becoming operational. The problem is drilling down to a use case that will have immediate results.

There was some awkward silence on the call for a bit. I was mentally overwhelmed. I agreed with him. I said we could eventually roll out the identity solution once we have gained the trust of the citizens and the market. For example, before you roll out multiple product lines in a company, you better have at least 1 product you got right and works really damn well. This is how companies become very successful. They master a product or a process and scale the company as they innovate additional products/processes.

After a few moments of silence, the CPO said there is a possible use case I’ve been thinking about. He began talking about Operation Underground Railroad. This organization saves children from sex trafficking and/or exploitation. Well, as some of you may or may not know, the adult website industry fuels this trade. I won’t mention any names but there is an adult website that has a problem with minors uploading explicit content to the site.

The website does not have any real technology to identify its content creators. The only process they have in place is for the creators to take a picture of themselves. That is how they prove someone’s identity. I’m not even joking. A person could be 15 or 16 years old and look 18 and they will be able to have their own channel. It’s a serious problem. Here’s the thing. I would never have thought about this market AT ALL.

I knew that eventually all enterprise databases will want to be Mass Address Compliant but I didn’t know about the child exploitation issue on the adult sites. It never occurred to me. But since the CPO has been involved with supporting Operation Underground Railroad, this is another use case he came up with. We ended the call shortly after this revelation. I’m only allowed 30 minutes with him because he literally takes calls ALL DAY.

While driving back towards my house I realized there is yet another use case which will readily accept Mass Address. Sex offenders and/or predators are required to update their address with the state in which they live on a regular basis. Some of the more heinous offenders must update 4 times a year. Mass Address will be able to give the local law enforcement agencies real-time address information on the offenders in their jurisdiction.

I called the Sheriff’s office to get more information about this requirement. I also wanted to know which agency gets updated addresses. The officer told me Florida Department of Law Enforcement(FDLE). All we need is at least 1 good enterprise account to get started. The service will spread like wildfire once we are operational.

The good news about Mass Address is once you create a singularity, you never have to pay your digistate fee again unless you need to change your personally identifiable information. Think of it like buying a digital home. Once you buy your home, it’s yours. You don’t have to pay anything more towards the house unless you want to remodel or make changes. That’s the same with Mass Address. It will be a digital home for your identity. A home that only you and the guests you allow to enter.

Some of you out there who read my updates are shy. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! We are going to build a better future. Be a part of it.