The breakup...😔

You're defined by the decisions you make

This morning I had another call with CILA Labs. The call went very well. CILA is ready to light the fuze on Mass Address. There’s only one obstacle standing in the way; the Federal Government. CILA Labs wants to make sure before they sign the dotted line that we will be able to authenticate with State and/or Federal Agencies. So over the next week I must contact the Department of Homeland Security as well as several other entities.

Now before you get all Big Brother Orwellian on me, let me clarify. We treat all information submitted through the application as stolen. So YOU must prove you are the owner of said data. We confirm this ownership through a new technology called Trifactor Random Access Authentication. This lets us know you are actually a citizen or legal resident of the United States. Only after you are vetted, are you allowed to create a singularity.

Now for some bad news. Last night was mentor night at Domi Station. On mentor night, you get put into a room with someone who can help you in your startup journey. This person might be a successful entrepreneur, wealthy businessman, software developer, or a lawyer. I had just about all of those folks in my room.

I shared some of the struggles I was experiencing and they provided advice. Some of the advice involved an individual I was considering to take the role of Cofounder. I had high hopes for this person because of their skillset. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this person on a very deep personal level. Other people in the DOMI Station community did know this individual and routinely indicated that I should not bring them on as my cofounder.

There are a number of reasons why people were telling me not to bring them onboard. The decision was ultimately mine. I had to go with my gut feeling. I decided to trust the judgement of the mentors. I contacted the person and we held a video call. I told the individual why I decided not to make them a cofounder. They respected my decision.

I indicated that I did not want to end our relationship professionally. I still valued them as a colleague in the DOMI community. I would even consider hiring them as a developer in the future. But right now I must forego their partnership as a cofounder. That conversation could have been handled via email or text. Never breakup with someone over text or email. ALWAYS speak face to face.

If Mass Address gets authorization for API access at the state and/or Federal level, YOU will be able to soon authenticate yourself on the internet. No 3rd parties needed. This is absolutely critical to eliminate identity theft. NOBODY but you should have control over your identity on the internet. We will give you this control. So help me G-d.

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