Mass Address Update

Shabbat Shalom!(That's Hebrew for peaceful Sabbath)

Any successful company is accountable to its userbase. So with that understanding in mind, I have decided to start sending out consistent product updates.

Next week is one of the most important weeks in Mass Address history. On Friday I will be having a conference call with a company called Spartan Capital. This company has connections to an investor who trades time and talent for equity. Essentially it means if the investor likes what I am trying to do for the American peple, he will give me an entire engineering team to finish our minimum Viable Product(MVP). An MVP is a fully functioning product which can do what it’s designed to do. It may not be pretty but it works. Remember, before the world had a Ferrari, it had to build a Model T.

We are still trying to decide on the best business model for the company. Remember, the most expensive service is the one that is free. Mass Address will not be free but it will be affordable for all budgets.

Nearly all free services rely on selling user data to pay for their services. Since Mass Address is 100% private, there is no way to monetize the platform. It must be funded by the user. It’s sort of like saying, you can’t drive this car without putting gas in it. Advertisements won’t put you down the road.

If you would like to provide feedback on the user experience and/or interface for the app please let me know. Share this substack with your friends and family. Let them know a private identity platform is being built by the people, FOR the people.

I appreciate your support and I promise to keep you all updated as the project progresses.

In your service,

Edward W. Hood
Mass Address, Inc